Friday, May 13, 2011

Four Teacher Daves

So, this Sunday, March 15th, is Teacher's Day in Korea. Usually, if it falls on a weekday, there will be some kind of grand ceremony in the schoolyard involving flowers, songs, and then the students will disappear into their homerooms to decorate them with balloons and messages of thanks and encouragement on the board.

The two previous Teacher's Days I have experienced since coming to teach at public school have been great days - the first, being a chance to see how valuable it is to set-aside time for students to acknowledge their teachers. Students won't take the time unless they've been given it, but once they are, they usually take to it with a fervour reserved for PC room visits. It's charming to see these usually grumpy folk do a 180 and be all grateful and stuff.

My Teacher's Day was different this year - mainly in that it wasn't my first, I'm still not a homeroom teacher, and since we can't celebrate on the Sunday, celebrations were relegated to a 15 minutes thing in each homeroom. That was it. So, not being a homeroom teacher basically means no Teacher's Day, which is kind of a bummer. I could have used some forced gratitude from my students this week.

As it was, I got a couple of new caricature drawings to add to the two I was given in my first year. The first couple were from my first year. I like #1's focus on my height - exactly 193 CM. The second one makes me look like a bit of a dandy (not sure about the tuxedo, lipstick, and sparkly face, but these recent two are winners in my books. Me on a bike makes me look like an elementary school student, while the last shows more of my true age. I really like these last two for different reasons. There's a lot of truth in both of them I think.

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