Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Teacher - slipper... GOOD!"

With the warmer weather, I've been doing my best to keep things a bit more casual at school. I'm pretty much done with wearing pants. Honestly, as the humidity climbs along with the temperature - eff that. I'm sweating for nobody in this place unless I absolutely have to. So, shorts it is. I'll iron my shirts to compensate.

I've also finally gotten around to buying a pair of those rubberized slip-on sandals - the ones without the toe hold thingy - so that I can be just like all of the kids in my school who slip into them immediately upon entering the premesis since outdoor shoes are for the outdoors only.

The teachers wear these things too, and since I couldn't be bothered to invest in a pair of Birkenstocks (and who knows the probability that I will once again come upon a river of poo in the bathroom one of these days?), I wanted to get something sturdy, yet easily cleanable.

Adidas to the rescue. These babies are rubber, plastic, water-proof, and come with little massaging nibs on the soul. My feet are happy campers, and I am no longer trapping untold amount of Seoul heat and humidity within the sealed canvas of my other shoes. You and I know that such actions were a recipe for one thing: a bouquet of terror. With this new situation, however, I am airy and free, and my students are happy that I have joined their ranks.

So, thanks to the rabbit for her patience while we searched the many shoe shops of Myeong-dong for a pair in my size, only to be denied at each one. And thanks to my neighbourhood Home Plus for actually having a pair in my size in-stock. They had probably been holding it for months - just hoping I would one day make the purchase.

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