Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Emptier Nest

In addition to Lex who is vacationing in Korea until the middle of August, Leo (a public school teacher I trained with back in February of 2009) and his friend, Jacob, have been staying mostly with me during their short stint in Seoul after a 3 month journey through China and Southeast Asia, and before they had back to Toronto early next week. There, to face whatever life brings next.

It was good to reconnect with Leo before he left on this long-planned China adventure, and it's been great having him back. As one person I greatly admire once said, "sometimes we step sideways, and it takes us a while to find the center again." Such was the case with Leo and I, but I am glad we had the chance to hang-out again before he joins the legions of those who have come into my life in Korea, and gone.

It's also been nice filling the house with friends - something that inevitably happens less and less the longer one stays here, though that admittedly depends on one's ability to shift one's outlook as a social animal in this weird and wonderful world of expat life.

Thanks for the Asahi, and enjoy the rest of your journey, lads. I'll hope to reconnect in Toronto someday, and you can bet you'll be accompanying me to the Hockey Hall of Fame in your own hometown, 'cause I know you've never been there.

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