Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lyndsay's Birthday Suit

...didn't fit very well, so the rabbit did some emergency sewing for the little girl's big day.

Well, in all of the busy school madness surrounding the last couple of weeks, I didn't get around to blogging about a few things as they happened. Little Lyndsay Whittle's first birthday party was one of them.

It's been great - comforting, reassuring, and fun to have good friend from back home living not too far away here in Korea. He was here before I got here and the lad's been busy. So, baby #2 is now a whole year old and a couple of Saturdays ago, the rabbit and I headed down to Sanbon to celebrate with the rest of the family and the in-laws.

One thing I really like about Korean birthdays is that the person whose birthday it is does the paying. It's like Bilbo celebrating in the Shire - you just show-up and get catered to. About all the rabbit and I had to do was ring the bell and avoid getting punched by Won.

Of course, as Westerners we tend to want to treat the birthday boy or girl to a dinner or something of the like. So, we never really know when to push or pull-back on the issue, though I'm pretty sure that I've somehow managed to make it through nearly 4 years of Korean living without once paying for anyone else' birthday dinner, or my own. It's a skill.

Anyway, the evening was lovely - a quick gathering at the Whittle homestead where fruit was cut and shared, Lyndsay did the ceremonial "choosing of the future career path" by selecting a telling item from a tray: stethoscope = doctor, money = CEO of Samsung Corp., microphone = singer, etc. Lyndsay chose the microphone much to Ian's delight.

Then, the whole famn damily piled into a van sent from the restaurant and we headed out to this very cool place on the outskirts of town - traditional building with traditional food, and a very non-traditional, at least by modern Korea standards, area for play in the woods near the restaurant.

All in all, a great evening, and if anyone ever doubts that letting a foreigner into the Korean family unit can lead to legitimate happiness, then I wish they could have seen the face of Lyndsay's grandpa as he sat on a lone lawn chair after dinner, surrounded by a group of completely unorthodox family and guests, including yours truly. I don't speak much Korean, and he speaks next to no English, but I was able to manage: "This is a good family. Are you happy?" At which he smiled and laughed and said "Yes."

Pretty simple, right?


Douglas said...

Those are some tanned parents, must be farmers?

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

They are indeed farmers - straight form the fields and streams of Ganghwa-do!