Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Old Phone

...is no longer operational as of July 1st. I was told this when I went in to recharge the thing with some cold, hard cash about a week ago.

For most Koreans, this would mean the ability to justify the purchase of a new and exciting 4G phone which can download a 50MB file in under 10 seconds or some such nonsense.

For me, it means a slight inconvenience as I will be leaving Korea for a year toward the end of August and only needed my old phone for another couple of months anyway.

But for me it also means saying good bye to an old and trusted friend that I never lost, that fit well into my pocket, and that I had become accustomed to and fond of over the past (nearly) 4 years since buying it in Youngsan Electronics Market with the aid of extensive body language.

I've got photos and messages on there that are nontransferable and hold a significant sentimental value for me, and how else am I going to wow people with a portable photo of my lifted toenail? More's the pity. The phone was so tiny in my big and clumsy hands, and I took a perverse pride in carrying it around. So long, ol' pal...

And a thank you to Miko, whose G2 phone (which she left here for me) is still compatible with the KT network and will still be operational at least until the end of this year. And a thank you to Oliver, whose G2 KTF phone, like mine, is destined for the scrap heap, a cell-phone museum, or a smallish glass display case in a memorial hall near Anseong. I would have preferred the old-school, but that's not what Korea's all about.

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Anonymous said...

Photos are transferable from phone to phone. Just take it to the phone store and ask them to transfer the photos for you. Or you can buy a cord to connect your phone to your computer and transfer the photos to your computer (the cord is under 10,000won). My phone allows me to transfer messages to my computer as well.