Thursday, June 23, 2011

Off to Sokcho in the PM

After school tomorrow, I'll be heading East with three friends for a weekend of what was intended to be beaching and hiking, but will more likely (due to the forecast rain) end-up being a weekend of relaxing, reading, swimming, and (of course) Catan. We are old - well, three of us are, anyway, so rainy day shenanigans will likely be kept to a minimum.

The best part is that we'll be set-up nicely for a rainy weekend thanks to Ed's Seoul sister's time-share and the rabbit's bargain-finding ways. She was somehow able (with all of her discount cards) to get a 220,000 won/night room for 38,000 won. We'll be spending Friday night there and then heading to the resort that was secured through Ed's time-share connection. It'll just be good to get away for a while.

I'll do my best to give a full report upon my return. I love the minbak experience, but this will be nice, too - and roughly at the same price.

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