Sunday, June 19, 2011


With temperatures in the low 30s today, the rabbit took me out for an afternoon of tea, catching-up on work in coffee shops, dinner in Insadong, and a bowl of sweet and delicious 팥빙수 (Pahd-bing-su) to cool us off.

Pahd-bing-su is a traditional hot-weather dessert popular in many Asian countries and it consists of a combination of shaved ice, diced and sweetened red beans, and milk. This place we went to today, however, spiced things up a bit by making their ice out of a sweetened tea, and by adding a little bit of honey-ginger tea and lemon rind to the topping. That makes for a sweet little bowl of 팥빙수!

Of course, the best part of pahd-bing-su is that when spoken fact by the rabbit, it sounds like "popping-su", which pleases me a great deal.

Much more to write about and catch-up on, but I'll aim to do just that over the next few days as I finally have an easier week ahead of me. In the meantime, let me send a shout-out to my dad for Daddies' day, and to my aunt for an early birthday wish. And it's now that I realize that I'm pretty sure that I forgot Mother's Day this year, which makes me more than a bit of an ass. Sorry, mom - If I could send an apologetic bowl of popping-su through the internet, you know I would.


Douglas said...

Wow, that place really relaxing and comfortable, reminds of the restaurants in Insadong/Samcheongdong. Got an address? What I noticed about those nice restaurants too, is that in general they didn't charge a whole lot more...unless my time away from Korea has been fogging my mind.

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

If you walk East off of the main Insadong Street toward the big musical instrument market, then another block, then south along a small alley, then... I don't know... it's called Ddeul-ahn (meaning: "Inside Garden". Here ya go: