Monday, June 13, 2011


This is essay week for me - I collected a fresh batch from my students this past Saturday and would really like to have them all marked before the weekend so that I can be essay-free going into the two week break from Saturday class. This means precious little time to do some of the writing I'd like to do - namely an X-Men: First Class review and a shout-out to a fine gathering this past Saturday - that will simply have to wait until essay week has come and gone.

But, let me say that I got two fine postcards from two fine American friends last week. Who knew that one day I would have a friend living in Reno, and another living in South Dakota?

What I'd like to know though is why no South Dakota postcard? And I'd like to know why the Reno graphics are so redundant. So many questions.

Because of the fudge though, I will forgive you, and in many respects, already have. You guys are good. There are few greater joys when living abroad than having little treats from afar appear on one's desk.

Thank you.

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