Friday, June 10, 2011

Say Hello to Yun-tae

This is my friend, Yun-tae. Yun-tae is a grade 1 middle school student, and as the semester began in March, he hasn't really known me that long. He does frequent my classroom though.

During my recent attempts to cheer-up between bells and to welcome my students to class with something fun, I've been turning to old Disney cartoons (as mentioned previously) and introducing them to some vintage Donald and friends.

Last week, it was Bug's Bunny's stint with the zany opera singer. It has to be one of my favourite Merrie Melodies moments ever: Stokowski-costumed Bugs marching through the orchestra to whispers of recognition. Stuff makes me laugh.

This week, it's been our good friend, Marc Anthony in Feed the Kitty, which remains my favourite Warner Brothers short.

Anyway, whenever the bell rings, within minutes - whether he's in the classroom next door, up one floor, or wrapping-up PE class outside, Yun-tae makes a B-line for my classroom to pop his head in the window or sometimes to come right on in to catch some cartoon goodness.

It doesn't matter if he's seen the thing 10 times, he's right there smiling right along, and if I don't have the TV on fast enough or I'm coming back from a quick restroom break, I'm sure to hear "Teacher... Mickey, please..." upon entering the classroom. Yun-tae just needs a hit and who am I to deny the lad? I can't get enough of Marc Anthony either.

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