Thursday, June 30, 2011


I've begun to pack - living in a place for over two years provides me with just enough time to accumulate stuff that will not fit into a suitcase back to Canada. So, I begin the process of boxing, storing, and seeing what exactly will fit into my bags and still keep them under the Air Canada limits.

On thing that will definitely bring me over the limit is my bike, but this isn't an option for me and the $100 excess baggage fee is a small price to pay to have my Brompton with me on the West Coast.

Looking on-line for a time, I had been thinking about the "Brompton Pod" - a hard shell case that has just recently been recalled for being not as hard as advertised. Enter the Brompton Bag from Velofix - a padded case fit with a handle and shoulder straps should you ever have the urge to walk a fair distance with a 23kg bike strapped to your back. At any rate, my bike will be cozy on its way to a new land. Thank you, rabbit, for your Korean website navigating ways.

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