Thursday, July 28, 2011


I feel like garbage. Started feeling a cold coming on at camp while doing our pottery-making again today. So, as the baseball game was once again rain-delayed, I stumbled home after camp and crashed for 4 hours. But first - crafting time!

I remember the first time I "aged" paper to make a scroll-style sign for Elementary school. I had only enough energy to sit in my apartment out of the rain and do something low-key.

I decided that the gifts of celadon vases for our camp's winning teams should have some kind of marking on them to be a memento of the summer, but I didn't want to write anything on the vases themselves - even on the bottom.

So, I sat the little signs in wet coffee grounds for a few minutes and then set them aside to dry by the window. Took a nap, and finished the deed after I woke-up.

Not, bad, right? Whatever - I can't get outside today (the rain just won't stop) and I feel like I've been hit by a truck... and the rain had fried the wires in our English classroom to the point that our TV and computer won't work - rendering the presentation, review, instructions, and games to accompany our pizza-making day completely useless.

If I'm going to crawl into class tomorrow to finish week two of camp, I'll power myself through the experience with the satisfaction that at least the prizes look nice. Though I'm very temped to use a sick day, I really like this week's kids, and I don't want their last classroom experience with me to be with me as a no-show.

Hello, Neo-Citran.

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