Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Turtle Release Party

This past Sunday afternoon, I headed-out to Utsav restaurant in Hongdae with a handful of friends to release Flip & Flop into their new home. Clearly, we were grief-stricken at the thought of saying goodbye.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, except I'll add that I know this was the right thing to do - the restaurant owner and turtle aficionado is truly the man for this job. He was lamenting the fact that Sunday night was the night when he would be changing the water in the central pool. He does this every three weeks and invited me back at some point this week so that I could see my two friends frolicking in the depths.

It was probably the best turtle release party I've ever hosted - it began with Flip making lightning-quick dash into the pool as soon as she was set-down on the concrete, and ended with us all enjoying the South East Asian buffet - a bit pricey on Sundays at 19,800 won per person, but delicious and compared to prices back home, it was about right.

We also did a George & Mary style send-off to Bailey Park by offering freeze-dried shrimp, so that life may always have flavour, and Flip & Flop's favourite rock, so that joy and prosperity may reign forever. I was only lacking bread, but being that they are living in a restaurant now, I'm pretty sure that, for Flip & Flop, life will never know hunger.

The best part was that we had a 2nd floor view of the central courtyard down to the pool where we could do some Flip & Flop spotting from above. We all considered the price of the meal to be like life insurance for our turtle friends - a gesture of gratitude for the restaurant owner for taking them in to their new turtle paradise.

I'll post pictures from when I visit again - maybe this weekend.


Douglas said...

Did you make sure Turtle Soup isn't offered on the menu before releasing them?

Tuttle said...

Oh, yeah, Utsev in Hongdar! You should try their turtle soup, excellent!

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Sorry, Steve - Douglas beat you to the turtle soup joke...