Friday, July 8, 2011

Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon

This weather makes me moist, and it makes me sleepy. Thank fully, there is watermelon ("Su-bak") to replenish the weary.

Subak started making appearances in grocery stores as recently as two months ago, but it's certainly in season now. I can't remember how much it is back home in Canada at this time of year, but here it seems a bit pricey - does $20 for a whole melon sound like a lot to you?

I make myself content with a quarter melon for around $5 and the rabbit gets right at brandishing a long knife. She's got the thing de-seeded, cubed, and popped into a nearby glass-lock container to chill for a late night snack.

Subak also showed-up yesterday after our last day of exams. The teachers were lured into the main office with the stuff and then had to stay for a meeting about the end of semester - all of them slightly bitter, but soothing their sorrows and soaking their chins in juicy red goodness. The principal's address was punctuated with the sound of resentment-filled slurping and dripping.

That wasn't enough subak for me though, so I met-up with Mr. Kim, and Mr. Lee (who left our school last year and I hadn't seen since then) for some tofu stew, beer, and then topped it off with some subak-infused popping-su. The rain had prevented us from attending the Doosan Bears vs Lotte Giants game, but popping-su and beer put a smile back on our faces. We're just a trio of wild and crazy guys.


Andy Irwin said...

I remember watermelon being about 40 cents a kilogram when it's in season, sometimes cheaper, but these memories might be from when I was a little kid. Either way, the watermelon does seem expensive here.

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Expensive... but when it's fed to you in cube form by the woman you love - worth every last 10
won piece.