Monday, October 10, 2011

PDPool - We are Ready!

Hanging-out at home on a rainy Thanksgiving Monday and listening to the Flames game on The Fan 960 on the internet. Gotta say, and doing my best to ignore any potential bias, I truly think that the Calgary commentators and especially Mr. Maher make the folks on Vancouver sports radio look like the biggest group of ass-clown homers. If you disagree, listen to a Flames radio broadcast and then hear what Rob Kerr does with his new role as Flames play-by-play guy on the Sportsnet broadcasts this year.

Anyway, in other hockey news, I am pleased to report that our program at Simon Fraser has launched our own hockey pool. There are a great many hockey fans at school and we were able to drum-up enough interest to have 13 of us (8 lads and 5 lasses) to run a 15-player draft.

We did a snaking draft of 9 forwards, 4 d-men, and 2 goalies. I decided to do the unthinkable and draft Crosbow 5th overall - get in the game, sir. For all you hockey fans, here are my picks... and I don't want to hear anything about my 4 Red Wings - I would have had 5 if someone hadn't gotten to Zetterberg first.

1. Sidney Crosby (F - Pittsburg)
2. Pavel Datsyuk (F - Detroit)
3. Dustin Byfuglien (D - Winnipeg)
4. Niklas Lidstrom (D - Detroit)
5. Jonathan Quick (G - Los Angeles)
6. Jonas Hiller (G - Anaheim)
7. PK Subban (D - Montreal)
8. Michael Cammalleri (F - Montreal)
9. Evander Kane (F - Winnipeg)
10. Johan Franzen (F - Detroit)
11. Kevin Bieksa (D - Vancouver)
12. Olli Jokinen (F - Calgary)
13. Rene Bourque (F - Calgary)
14. Chris Kunitz (F - Pittsburgh)
15. Tomas Holmstrom (F - Detroit)

So there it is. The season began on Thursday and I'm already in 12th place out of 13. Hurry up, Crosby!

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