Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last Month of the Year

And in the spirit of the season, a descriptive paragraph from a grade 9 student. The focus was to be on sensory words to describe a thing, a moment, a person, or whatever one might feel strongly about...

A Snow Day

The sight of snow causes me to go on a rampage, swiftly diving into the snow, knowing I would make a show. No matter if I collapse into a frenzy as long as it occurs on a snow day. I would dance and fall on my face, eat the snow on the way. Construct a snowman with the spirit I have. Then when the wind would take initiative I would feel the snow dashing on my face. The snow melting and being absorbed, forming a smile on my face. Suddenly, getting hit by a snowball which cleanses and glorifies that smile I wear. I am aware of the smell of the air. It is of an ocean's breeze. I am ready to be enchanted by the visually spectacular winter and of snow's grace.

Writing is sometimes about taking risks.

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