Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello, Again...

Well, Golly-Bob-Howdy! I look at my last post and it's been nearly a year. In someways, last year feels like my "lost year" and in other ways, it's quite the opposite.

Anyway, lost or found, a lot happened between December 12th, 2011 and now. And now that I find myself once again living in Korea, I am feeling the need (separated from many family and friends back home) to once again step into the periodical role of far-flung correspondent.

 Not a lot of time to write about specific somethings today, but consider this post a re-opening of a long-closed vault. I find myself wanting to write again, mainly because it's a way of keeping people back home abreast of my daily comings and goings. I'm not going to promise that my life is always interesting, but it is a life, and I sometimes feel like sharing.

It's also challenging because, as it is with good friends you haven't spoken to in a while, when you finally get a chance to get down to it, there is so much to say that the task often seems too daunting to even begin. I need to let out some.
Should you wish to check in with me from time to time, know that I am going to aim for a daily post - sometimes large, sometimes small. Some times have been adventurous, and there have been days less-so. I will write about events from now as well as about events from the past year. Sometimes, I like to reflect. Amid the chaos of the day, look for posts about:

school, my tiny cubist apartment, assisting in talking-down a bridge jumper, horrific invasive hospital procedures, weddings (others' and ours), a Korean family, baseball, soccer, movies, sweet carrots, tofu, rabbits, turtles, and other things that occupy our thoughts.

So, subscribe to this blog, do some "RSS" feed kind of thing, or add this website to your bookmarks menu bar. I aim to blog daily starting today, so check here for your daily dose of Dave - a life more or less ordinary, but sometimes even more or even less so.