Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh, Right...

...last night was Halloween. I guess I kind of forgot. That's too bad - I dig on Halloween. Although, I'm not as creative as I once was. I have two costumes that I recycle because they are easy and because they are not a huge stretch from my actual physical appearance. One is Jack Skellington, the other is Harry Potter. My students call me "Harry Potter Teacher" anyway, so I suppose it's possible that they might not even know that I'm wearing a costume.

Anyway, due to student field trips yesterday, my schedule was wide open as I had no grade 5 students on the school premises. So, my Halloween lesson this year consisted of introducing the students to Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

I do this sometimes - spend four or five hours building lesson materials for a 40 minute lesson that I will teach only twice. Oh, well...

I had two grade 5 classes this morning (November 1st) and since it was agreed upon that we would teach a "special" class so as not to create a blip in our text book scheduling with the groups missing yesterday, I spent a fair chuck of my class-free Wednesday at school making a Halloween lesson. The basic set-up was to introduce new creepy vocabulary from the song (paralyzed, 40 eyes, cuddle, masquerade, ghost, darkness, shiver, door-slam, etc.), play the 10 minute long-form video, and then provide the students with a lyrics-related activity.

I found the Korean lyrics online. So, using a sheet of those, groups had to work to take 11 English lyric paragraphs from the song and put them in order. It was a challenge, but if groups thought to look for the key vocabulary words, they would soon realize that there were 11 - one for each paragraph - find the right vocab on the board (which is in the correct order) and Bob's-your-uncle!. I didn't expect them to explore the deeper meaning of lines like "share a killer, diller, chiller, thriller here tonight", but they got to see the King of Pop at his still relatively darkly-hued prime, and they got to play around with some new creepy vocab.

We then played the short form video with lyrics to check if the paragraphs had been put in the right order or not.

I've started to be a bit of a Scrooge with my candy supply of late (and I'm also attempting to model the idea of using gratification for a job well-down as a replacement for candy prizes), but today was Halloween. So to 지옥 (new "Thriller" vocabulary word) with it - candy for everyone!

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