Sunday, November 4, 2012

A box from afar

The rabbit opened her birthday box from Sandy last night. She is currently wearing her arm-warmers, eating Annie's rabbit crackers, and eying the rabbit "Peeps" with great curiosity. Last night, as requested, she scared me with the Halloween decorations from my nephews. I had a hard time getting to sleep after that. We plan on using the rabbit wine-stoppers as soon as possible. Where on earth did you find those? Thank you, Taylor family, for the lovely gifts. It's getting steadily colder here, and we are making a cozy Sunday of it. A clean and organized house, a delicious dinner being prepared, and a movie in waiting. We decided to wait a bit more for the new James Bond across the street and will instead stay in with the 2006 Stephen Frears masterpiece, The Queen. Still keeping things decidedly British. The perfect night for a little Helen Mirren. Missing you lots.

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