Saturday, November 17, 2012

Anseong Aunties

The rabbit and I spent the day south of Seoul with her mom's side of the family. I have been there before, but this was the first time that 성숙 and I made an appearance as a married couple.

The rabbit mother's side of the family is markedly more relaxed than the father's side. It's just one of those things. A fair amount of gaseous exchanges during and after lunch, people taking turns in the massage chair, food served from styrofoam containers, and laughter - LOTS of laughter.

The rabbit mother and her sisters have a very natural and relaxed way about them, and it's very easy to feel at ease with them as hosts. My hyeong-nim (the rabbit mother's older sister's son) had a long week, so he curled up for an afternoon sleep and snore session on the heated family room floor while the rest of the family kept on telling stories and laughing.

Even I was encouraged to lie down on the floor. Who am I to argue?

We had a nice lunch at the oldest aunt's place and then drove out to see the grandmother's memorial place. I wrote about the previous trip rather extensively here. Today's was a short visit, which I regretted. It's a sad place, but a place with lots of stories.

Had some 칼국수 (hand-cut noodles) for dinner, and a ride to the train station in the older cousin's mini school bus with Pororo playing on the flat screen for those in the back.

I noticed that my 4 year-old nephew, Jun-hyeok, sometimes gets shy and does what I did in the company of strangers (or rarely-seen relatives): he hides behind the couch and creates a cozy place. I joined him for a bit, then lured him out with the "Where's My Water?" game on my iPhone.

A good day - we were all sleepy and comfortable and didn't feel the need to be anything else.

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