Thursday, November 29, 2012

양말 냄새 (sock smell)

I like to make the wee student folk in my classroom react in strong and interesting ways. It's pretty easy to do - sometimes it involves just taking my glasses off. Other times, I reach into my bag of Storybook theatre broad character tricks and make faces or gestures that invite a response - it helps to make stories come alive or illustrate a language point that isn't making it across the bridge.

My socks have also featured into my classes from time to time. Recently, I acted-out a scene from Heckedy Peg which involved me taking my school sandals then my socks off. That resulted in a chorus of delighted screams and, likely, stories home to mom and dad about the zany waygook teacher at school who takes his socks off in class.

Most recently, the socks came off (and were thoroughly laundered) to be a part of a grade 4 activity. The 4-part chapter has centered around shopping and we decided to end-off the lessons with an auction activity. The focus language changes somewhat from "How much is it?" to "How much is it worth?"

Groups of four students each get $68 in play money which they will use to purchase items from our front table. They don't know the "worth" of the items at the time of purchase, but they know that each group must buy at least one item. The actual "worth" of the items will be revealed via PPT in the last five minutes of class. We add the remaining cash plus the "worth" of the items to see who the most effective buyers were.

Well, of course my socks end up being revealed to be "worth" $45.00 - by far the most valuable item in the collection (which included my Donkey Kong stuffy, a bottle of Vitamin C drink, a bottle of hot sauce, and other miscellanea - revealing each one from a bag at the beginning is also a lot of fun).

Of course, the groups who all regretfully avoided that item up for bid in the first class decided to stop the next class in the hallway and tell them all about the $45 socks that they should all buy in the auction today. I was warned by my co-teacher who overheard this and so I took a couple of minutes with the screen off to change all of the prices in the PPT - the socks dropping significantly in price and the Vitamin C drink going up to an inexplicable $27. Heck, it's all in good fun.

Well, wouldn't you know that two zealous young lads gladly out-bid their own group members to spend exactly $45 on a pair of socks which they proceeded to play with and smell deeply of like they were stacks of American green-backs. They even slipped them on like sleeves and used them to bid for other items using their group's remaining $13.00.

I only wish I had taken a photos of their faces when it was revealed that the sock price had been changed from $45 in the previous class to $2. That's what you get for trying to pull a fast one on Teacher Dave.

 Good-natured little guys they are though - they took it all in stride and were giggling about it before the bell rang.

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