Wednesday, November 7, 2012


October 30th was the rabbit's birthday. Tuesdays are not necessarily the best days for birthdays, but the weather made for a nice afternoon stroll about Samcheong-dong, dinner at a new (for us) bistro, and a cozy evening at home.

In addition to the gifts received from the Taylor clan, let me take this moment to also thank auntie and Ernst who took the time to give some birthday dinner contributions from afar. Consider the funds diverted to a delicious dinner at a cute little Italian bistro (the name escapes me at the moment) that we found deep within the streets of Samcheong-dong. We were able to score the extremely cozy window seat and had a delicious meal served by perhaps the best waiter I've ever had. The man is suave and clutch - you can even see him in the window there. 
Our meal was so delicious that the rabbit polished off all of the pasta sauce from her mushroom dish. She remarked at first that the chef would see her clean dish and be proud, and then shifted to say that she felt "a little bit of shame" for having cleaned her plate so thoroughly.

We waited in the cold and looked through the window to see the waiter clearing our table. I took the photo, and then the rabbit zoomed-in to see if the waiter noticed her clean plate. She was relieved to see that he wasn't laughing. "Very professional", she said.
So, thanks to auntie and Ernst for the dinner funds, and thanks to auntie for her extra kind graduation gift this past August. With it, I did as promised - direct the funds to a purchase of a piece of real art to hang on our wall.

(송현노) Song hyeon-no is a Korean artist whose work often includes an animal of some kind, either abandoned on some concrete precipice with an artificial backdrop of its natural environment taped to a wall, or in a surprising state of relaxation in a unique encounter with what appears to be an animate plush rabbit. There are tigers, zebras, dragons, and all kinds of beasties. The images are simple, but the majesty of the animals is always present, and aside from the dream-like quality of the paintings, I dig on two details specifically - the way that the rabbit seems to soothe the much larger fauna with the offering of a piece of flora, and the fact that the flowers being offered are beautifully simple things - dandelion seed heads, poppies, dry grass, nondescript weeds - and not the more traditionally "elite" or elegant flowers one might expect.

The piece I bought for the rabbit (entitled "Dream") is really the perfect one for us. Both being lunar zodiac rabbits, and being married in the year of the rabbit, we also had a giraffe and a rabbit on top of our wedding cake. Call it a theme. I really couldn't pass-up the opportunity to get this. It's not the original, because I'm not a cosmetic surgeon, but it is a limited edition print signed by Mr. Song, himself. So there you go - after all these years of visiting various galleries and thinking of one day buying a piece, I found the perfect one, and it made the rabbit smile. So this is good.

The money isn't really an issue. I pay for it each day that I walk to school and back and save myself some transit fare. I get exercise, and I retroactively save some money. It's win-win!

"Dream" looks fantastic on the wall of our little house. And look what just arrived - a belated birthday package from our Canadian parents. The rabbit will be opening this one tonight - thanks, folks!

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