Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gigantic Family

After a day out in a relative country at Anseong, we stayed closer to the city tonight for dinner at the rabbit father's sister's place. This is the home of the Gomo & Gomobu (the rabbit's aunt and uncle on her father's side).

I was bit apprehensive about two days of the weekend being devoted to relatively new family members (not because I've got anything better to do, but because even if it's not stressful, one is usually mindful on such occasions of making a good impression, which can be tiring), but in the end, it was a second lovely gathering with new family.

And man, this family is huge! Loving my iPhone, I downloaded a free family tree app - deciding that it would be wise for me to carry with me the faces and names of all of the family I've met. I could use refreshers before larger gatherings. It's not that I'm an idiot or possessing of short memory, but rather that my own family back home in Canada (at least the portion we keep in touch with on a regular basis) is quite small. I walk in to the Gomobu's apartment tonight and see a gigantic family portrait containing somewhere around 25 people. Gomo and Gomobu have 13 grandchildren. I should have opted for the 32 gig over the 16 gig model when I got my phone. Parting question from Gomobu tonight: "How many children will you want to have?"


The meal was lovely - I'm sure that Gomo must have been preparing since early this morning. My nephew was joined tonight by the rabbit's cousin's children (12, 9, and 4 years old) and once he got over his shyness, they had a great old time - playing the piano, playing hide and seek, and engaging in feats of strength and showings of skill.

Jun-hyeok (4), who has been practicing hard for an abridged Beauty & the Beast musical which he will present at his English kindergarten in December, watched in humbled horror as his extended family members took turns performing for Gomo and Gomobu. The 9 year-old boy could sing, play piano, do Tae-kwondo maneuvers as well as recite an entire English storybook from memory (it took a full five minutes for him to recite the thing at a very brisk pace), and the younger one memorized and sang some 5-verse ditty about the apostles.

Jun-hyeok looked absolutely terrified. He hid under the table, but then the rabbit gave him some rabbit power and he emerged and made us all proud - performance under pressure! It should serve him well in the concert.

As a side note, the 9 year-old who recited the English book must be some kind of savant. It's not like he memorized Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you see? This was probably the equivalent of an entire page of 12-point font single spaced with no repetition. What the holy heck?

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