Monday, November 26, 2012

I want to...

Spent the last couple of hours marking worksheets that I prepared for my grade 5 students. It's one of those situations where, through recently gained experience, you simplify an activity so much that you think there's no possible way that students can do anything but succeed with it. Oops...

Anyway, from a lesson targeting the wishful future conditional of "I want to...", I went for a "bucket list" kind of approach - showing first my Korean version (things I've done so far, like make kimchi, visit Jeju-do, etc., as well as things I still want to do, like make pottery and climb Hallasan), then showing my "Big Bucket List" - containing such dreams as traveling to Africa, and seeing a FIFA World Cup match. I also threw in "I want to meet Ban Ki-moon" (the UN's current secretary general and the pride of most self-aware young South Korean academics).

Student work sheets asked for only five sentences using the "I want..." model. I suggested two ideas to get them started ("I want to meet..." and "I want to travel to..." and the remaining three spaces could be filled with whatever "wants" their little hearts desired. We borrowed a whole whack of Korean-English dictionaries from our school's library to help the students along.

Overall, I admit that I'm disappointed with the quality of the majority of returns - I'm okay with the never-ending parade of the "I want to meet (insert name of generic K-pop band here)", but largely, the whole idea of "dreaming big" was lost and replaced with generic sentences from previous lessons - the "I want to take a rest" or "I want to ride a bike" kind of deals. Sadly, many incomplete worksheets had also been returned to my Korean co-teacher during her solo-teaching efforts.

Among the responses that I did get though, there were these gems:

- I want to be a barista.
- I want to meet boyfriends.
- I want to eat French cheese.
- I want to get a watch.
- I want to buy a bus.
- I want to spy on England.
- I want to eat beef.
- I want to meat the president of Japan.
- I want to buy some Russian house.
- I want to eat all of the foods.
- I want to eat a whale.
- I want to eat a snackhouse.
- I want to meet Zeus.
- I want to eat century soup.

and, my personal favourite...

- Bring some water quickly. I'm sorry?

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