Friday, November 16, 2012

The New iDad

My father-in-law has a new iPad - it was a gift from the man's sister who is a rather devout Christian and figured that getting an e-reader would be a decent way to get her brother back into the good book (St. James version, only $0.99 in itunes).

I don't know about Korean dad's progression on re-birth, but the man loves him some facetime! For those not in the know, it's Mac's version of skype. From a mac to another mac device with the same program, it's clear as day.

Anyway, when the rabbit and I were over for dinner the other night, rabbit's sister called from Daejeon (3 hours or so south of Seoul) with a plumbing question. Rabbit father was right in there - like he was metaphysically getting down under the kitchen sink - all from the comfort of his own home, with ramen bowls threatening to fog-up the iPad screen.

Technology's come a long way.

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