Friday, November 2, 2012

The Perfect Pour

Not as a practiced rule, but as a point of preference, I avoid Itaewon. However, I do have an Itaewon friend, so I make an exception from time to time. Johnny can recognize a perfect pour and he plays an honest game of darts, so when one is with Johhny, Itaewon becomes a tolerable place. Besides, Johnny and co. aim to soon open an eating establishment in the area and I will be a proud patron. So, there's that. The brew in Johnny's hand is the 7Brau. It's a bit of a Hoegaarden knock-off, but as Korean brews go, it's a step at least out of the ordinary and decidedly above the usual choices of Hite, Cass, or Max. That, and it's only 5000 won per pint - that's the same as Korean-brewed Budweiser. That's not bad. Read more about it here.

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