Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The vast majority of Korean parents

...usually get their children to master at least one instrument starting in the very early years of childhood.

Last night, I was witness to a sampling of the results of such practices. The Nambu district students and teacher orchestra club played just under two hours of very high standard classical orchestral music, including all four movements of Beethoven's fifth symphony.

The little people (maybe 30 students - all elementary school) began first with three pieces including an Ennio Morricone piece from The Mission with a wee girl soloing on the oboe, and then they were joined by the teachers for Beethoven's Pastoral and the 5th after the intermission.

One cool thing about this concert was the fact that all of the teachers involved are teachers of subjects other than music - each choosing an instrument of his or her own interest. It's like Westwinds in the East! My own co-teacher decided to take up the violin again after many years and she's been practicing furiously before and after school in a neighbouring classroom for the past two months.

Anyway, always good to get out and hear people doing what they love to do. The little people inspire - as do the older ones. Time that I pick-up the guitar again and give it another go. That, or an ocarina.

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