Saturday, December 8, 2012

첫눈 "First Snow"

It's been a pretty eventful work for the ol' Davey, but one of the highlights has been the first snowfall of the season which occurred this past Wednesday. The temperature has been steadily dropping over the past few weeks, the lights have been going up across the city, and now there's a whole whack of the white stuff to get the kids frolicking outside and the Davey all excited about the holiday season.

However, the snow has made it a challenge to get to work without breaking myself. The sidewalks here are inexplicably littered with decorative smooth concrete that looks and acts like marble - especially in rain and snow. Forget about mom's back-breaking sidewalk cracks, step on one of these bad boys the wrong way and you're going to be spending Christmas in traction.

But, the snow mostly means kids at my school running around with kimchi-eating grins on their faces. Their collective good mood is a huge lift for us teachers. The students might be gazing out the window more often than usual, but looking at lazily falling flakes is a step-up from punching and slapping each other during class time. Thank you, winter!

And for those mistletoe connoisseurs, walking in the first snow in Korea also means that you are creating optimal conditions to meet your true love. Everyone basically stops what they are doing and they run out to enjoy what they will likely be cursing in less than a month. I'm all for it. I've already met my true love, so the first snow is a chance for me to look more peacefully at the world and move through it a bit more slowly. It's also all kinds of romantic. Glad the rabbit thinks so too.

Hard to believe that it's December 9th already. If I had an advent calendar, it would already be a third open.

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